Genealogy of the Gittens and related families of Barbados 1640 to 1900.

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Our genealogy database can be searched through this website.  The database includes information on many early Barbados families who are connected to the Gittens family of Barbados.  

The database also includes my maternal line, Crittenden along with my wife's family lines of Johnson and Foreman.  These lines are not connected to Barbados.

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A short history

This is the story of the Gittens family of Barbados. The story starts in Barbados in about 1645 with the arrival of John Gittens who emigrated from England, we believe. John married Mabel in about 1646 and they had 7 children, four boys and three girls. John then married Hannah sometime around 1661 and they had 4 children, three boys and a girl. John had seven sons and it is from these children that the Barbados Gittens family grew.The family prospered and became one of the leading white families of the eighteenth Century in Barbados. These families through their wealth, and influence controlled the socioeconomic fabric of the island for many years. Many held positions of status such as judges, military officers, politicians, merchants and clergymen, in addition to being wealthy planters. The influence and control they exerted was further strengthen by the inter-marriage of the leading families. For example, our Gittens family married into both the Carrington and Weeks families during the eighteenth century.
Johnson and Foreman

The Johnson and Foreman families are Donna’s (my wife) paternal and maternal family surnames. The Johnson family arrived in Ontario, Canada from Sweden in 1876, and remained in Ontario. The Foreman family lived in Quebec, Canada before moving to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada circa 1920.


The Crittenden family, is my maternal family line. My mother, Audrey Lillian Crittendenwas born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Crittenden family emigrated from England to Connecticut in the USA before settling in Nova Scotia, Canada, in about 1780. The family moved to Quebec, Canada, in about 1915.


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Some Facts

Interesting Facts About the Gittens Family Genealogy

Total number of individuals in the Gittens Family database


Total number of individuals with the Gittens surname


Longest living individual

108 years

Average life span

64 years

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