Genealogy of the Gittens and related families of Barbados 1640 to 1900.

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We welcome questions and comments about this site.   

It is through these questions and comments that often we learn new information about our family history.

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Our genealogy database can be searched through this website.  The database includes information on many early Barbados families who are connected to the Gittens family of Barbados.  

The database also includes my maternal line, Crittenden along with my wife's family lines of Johnson and Foreman.  These lines are not connected to Barbados.

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If you find ancestor information on this site which you feel needs correction please drop us a note.

We are also pleased to add new information about any of your ancestors who might be on our site. 


Some Facts

Interesting Facts About the Gittens Family Genealogy

Total number of individuals in the Gittens Family database


Total number of individuals with the Gittens surname


Longest living individual

108 years

Average life span

64 years

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