The Lady Cameron Cup – A Fascinating Discovery

Every so often we come upon a unique artifact from an ancestor’s life.  Recently Duncan Campbell provided me with a photograph of such an artifact, the Lady Cameron Cup, pictured above.

The Lady Cameron Cup was awarded to Duncan’s father, Dr. J.M. Campbell and an unidentified Mrs. Hamilton in 1933, in Tanganyika (note below), South Africa.  Duncan, in one of his emails, wonder if the Cup was tennis-related but said “My father never elaborated on the trophy, so always unanswered questions on the past.”

The Lady Cameron Cup pictured here has 4 icons stamped on the bottom of the Cup’s nameplate.  It would be really interesting to know the meanings of these icons.


Lady Cameron was born Gertrude Agnes Gittens in British Guiana in 1877.  Lady Cameron is in my direct family line, but very distantly related as a 7th cousin twice removed.  A few years ago I wrote a blog about Lady Cameron and here is a link.

Note – Tanganyika, a historical eastern African state that in 1964 merged with Zanzibar to form the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, later renamed the United Republic of Tanzania.

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