Unknown little girl

Unknown little girl

Can you identify this young girl?

This picture was found when Louise Williamson’s family was going through the papers of her late aunt Isobel “Jeanne” Gittens who passed away in 2005, in Barabdos. She has passed it along to me to see if by chance anyone on the mailing list might have some idea who the child might be.

On the back of the picture is inscribed with the following, CAM..next 3(?) letters blanked out…..Photographer, cor, Queen and Orange sts, Lancaster PA.

I am guessing that the picture was taken circa 1880 and we know it was taken by a photographer who was located at the corner of Queen and Orange Street in Lancaster, PA.

If anyone could provide a better estimate of when the picture was taken by the dress style of the young girl that would be helpful.

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