Gittens and related families

Gittens Family Genealogy

Introduction to the Site's Contents

This site is a study of the Gittens family of Barbados. The scope of the research material on the site extends well beyond the Gittens family itself.

It includes the following research parts:
  • The Gittens family of Barbados, which is my paternal line. This research is centered in the island of Barbados, the place of birth of my father". The Gittens family first arrived in Barbados in about 1645 and remains in Barbados until the present day.
  • The Crittenden family, my maternal family line. My mother, Audrey Lillian Crittenden was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Crittenden family emigrated from England to Connecticut in the USA before settling in Nova Scotia, Canada, in about 1780. The family moved to Quebec, Canada, in about 1915.
  • The Johnson and Foreman families are Donna‚Äôs (my wife) paternal and maternal family surnames. The Johnson family arrived in Ontario, Canada from Sweden in 1876, and remained in Ontario. The Foreman family lived in Quebec, Canada before moving to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada circa 1920.
  • The Site also includes prominent early Barbados families generally circa 1627-1800. This research falls into two categories:
    • those related to the Gittens family who form part of the Gittens Direct line
    • those who are not related to the Gittens line

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