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Item. To my beloved wife Hannah Gittens during her natural life in full lieu of dower…any part of my estate whatsoever…my plantation… with all and every the buildings standing and being erected thereon and all the Negro slaves…withal and every increase of the female Negro slaves…quick and dead stock and plantation utensils…which said Negro slaves was given and bequeathed to me by my father-in-law Nathaniel Gittens…by the name of my Thickett Estate

And after the decease of my aforesaid wife…the aforesaid plantation…to my loving daughter Hannah Eastmond, wife of Doct. Samuel Eastmond and her heirs for ever.

Item. …to my aforesaid daughter Hannah Eastmond the sum of one thousand pounds current money to be paid her at two equal payments….

Item. …to my loving grandson Joseph Wood Gittens when he attains the age of twenty one years the sum of fifteen hundred pounds current money, but if he departs this life before…without issue lawfully begat…the said sum to sink in my estate…

Item. …to my loving son Benjamin Gittens and his heirs forever he paying all my just debts funeral debts and legacies all the rest residue of my estate both real and personal ..

do nominate my said son Benjamin Gittens whole and sole Executor Sealed 23 February 1761.

Witnesses: Jos Wood, John Archer, John Amey. Proved at Pilgrim 15 May1761 before Charles Pinfold. 
Gittens, Doctor Joseph (I184)
2 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Theodore Alwyn Gittens / Helen Marie Parkinson (F254)
John Bowman, age 59
Rebecca Bowman,age 53
Mary Taylor, age 27
Kath Bowman, age 15
Nathaniel Bowman,age 12
Benjamin Thurbane, age 14
Mary Taylor, age 4
John Ryrdon,age 30 
Bowman, John (I129)
4 "Bank Hall Rd, Dr. Clarkes Gap" Gittens, Muriel (I2956)
5 "Bank Hall, 'Mansfield'" Gittens, Maureen Ann (I2924)
6 "Bank Hall, Barracks Rd" Gittens, Selina Augusta (I3111)
7 "Bank Hall, Barracks Rd" Gittens, Marjorie (I2883)
8 "Bank Hall, Barracks Rd" Gittens, Amelia Albertha (I2153)
9 "Bank Hall, Dash Gap" Gittens, Urliene (I3156)
10 "Bank Hall, Dash Gap, 1st Ave" Gittens, Viola (I3173)
11 "Bank Hall, Hill Rd" Gittens, Fitzgerald Newton (I2507)
12 "Bank Hall, King Edward Rd" Gittens, Ann Francis (I2164)
13 "Bank Hall, Mansion Rd" Gittens, Miriam (I2949)
14 "Bank Hall, Pasture Rd" Gittens, Phyllestia (I3011)
15 "Bank Hall, Peterkins Land" Gittens, Rupert A. (I3077)
16 "Bank Hall, Peterkins Land" Gittens, Rudolph (I3071)
17 "Bank Hall, Windsor Rd" Gittens, Garfield (I2535)
18 "Bannk Hall, Pavilion Rd" Gittens, Josephine (I2721)
19 "Baxters Rd, Green Park Lane" Gittens, Andrew Benjamin (I2161)
20 "Baxters Rd, Huntes St" Gittens, Aubrey (I2189)
21 "Bay Land, Jessamy Ave" Gittens, Hayley (I2594)
22 "Bayville, Jessamine Ave, No 25" Gittens, Pearl (I3005)
23 "Beckles Rd, Bay Land" Gittens, Thomas (I3151)
24 "Belleville, 10th Ave, 'Gracile'" Gittens, Julian "Ben" Hyde (I40)
25 "Black Rock, 'Intervale'" Gittens, Osmond Eric (I2998)
26 "Black Rock, Cleveland, Kingsland" Gittens, Darnley (I2327)
27 "Black Rock, Fairfield Cross Rd" Gittens, Sylvia (I3142)
28 "Black Rock, Fairfield Land" Gittens, Eldica (I2373)
29 "Black Rock, Fairfield Land" Gittens, Charles (I2251)
30 "Black Rock, Melvin Ave" Gittens, Dorothy Isabelle (I2349)
31 "Black Rock, Mental Hospital" Gittens, Rita (I3039)
32 "Black Rock, Seclusion Rd" Gittens, Vashti (I3161)
33 "Black Rock, Spring Garden" Gittens, Amanda (I2149)
34 "Black Rock, Stanmore Terrace, No 7" Gittens, Mary Louise (I2917)
35 "Black Rock, Stanmore Terrace, No 7" Gittens, Dora Isabella (I56)
36 "Black Rock, Wavell Ave" Gittens, Violet (I3176)
37 "Black Rock, Wavell Ave" Gittens, Valvina (I3158)
38 "Black Rock, Wavell Ave" Gittens, John N (I2704)
39 "Black Rock, Wavell Ave" Gittens, Clifton (I2299)
40 "Black Rock, Yearwoods Yard" Gittens, Elizabeth Jane (I2394)
41 "Brittons Hill, Bonnetts" Gittens, Maureen (I2923)
42 "Brittons Hill, Bonnetts" Gittens, Mary (I2908)
43 "Brittons Hill, Bonnetts" Gittens, Florence (I2512)
44 "Brittons Hill, Club Morgan" Gittens, Female (I2490)
45 "Brittons Hill, Gunsite Rd" Gittens, Mabel C (I2802)
46 "Brittons Hill, Gunsite Rd" Gittens, Delcina Estelle (I2336)
47 "Brittons Hill, Laynes Gap" Gittens, Goulbourne Oscar (I2581)
48 "Brittons Hill, Taitts Rd" Gittens, Sarah Elizabeth (I3105)
49 "Bush Hall, Adventise Gap" Gittens, Ignatius (I2621)
50 "Bush Hall, Parade Rd" Gittens, Iris Clotilda (I2639)

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