Iowa, United States


Tree: Not linked to Gittens Surname

Latitude: 42.0746305555556, Longitude: -93.5000533333333

Tree: Gittens Clusters

Latitude: 42.0746305555556, Longitude: -93.5000533333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alta  Dec 1888Iowa, United States I2090
2 Bertha  Aug 1886Iowa, United States I2089
3 Mary A.  Abt 1851Iowa, United States I3420
4 Unknown  Iowa, United States I4771
5 Bates, Marcella  1906Iowa, United States I1416
6 Bonwell, Unknown  Iowa, United States I4770
7 Charles, Helen  Abt 1904Iowa, United States I1869
8 Gathin, Nellie  1877Iowa, United States I3651
9 Gethens, Edward  1856Iowa, United States I3799
10 Getting, Calvin  1851Iowa, United States I4909
11 Getting, Edda  1876Iowa, United States I4911
12 Getting, Ella  1858Iowa, United States I4910
13 Getting, Wilberth  1879Iowa, United States I4912
14 Gettings, Charles  1869Iowa, United States I4900
15 Gettings, Joseph  Abt 1907Iowa, United States I1421
16 Gettings, Lizze  1872Iowa, United States I4901
17 Gettings, Lorance  Abt 1913Iowa, United States I1423
18 Gettings, Louis  Abt 1909Iowa, United States I1422
19 Gettings, Nellie  Abt 1815Iowa, United States I1424
20 Gettings, Sabina  Abt 1884Iowa, United States I1420
21 Gettings, Thomas  Abt 1878Iowa, United States I1419
22 Gettings, William  1874Iowa, United States I4902
23 Gettings, William  Abt 1920Iowa, United States I1425
24 Githem, Albert W.  1862Iowa, United States I3798
25 Githeus, Dewitt C.  1859Iowa, United States I3761
26 Githins, Edgar R  Cal 1856Iowa, United States I5976
27 Githins, Franklin C  Cal 1857Iowa, United States I5946
28 Githins, Martha S.  Bef 1860Iowa, United States I5947
29 Gittens, Anna  Abt 1873Iowa, United States I1404
30 Gittens, Anna  Abt 1883Iowa, United States I3421
31 Gittens, Anne E.  Abt 1893Iowa, United States I515
32 Gittens, Bernita P.   I1847
33 Gittens, Emma Widowed  Abt 1866Iowa, United States I528
34 Gittens, Esther M.  1875Iowa, United States I11061
35 Gittens, Gertrude  Mar 1884Iowa, United States I2088
36 Gittens, Grace  Abt 1909Iowa, United States I507
37 Gittens, James  1859Iowa, United States I11047
38 Gittens, Jane  Abt 1889Iowa, United States I3423
39 Gittens, John E.  Abt 1886Iowa, United States I1450
40 Gittens, Keith   I510
41 Gittens, Kenneth  Abt 1908Iowa, United States I512
42 Gittens, Lance  Abt 1903Iowa, United States I506
43 Gittens, Margaret Widowed  Abt 1892Iowa, United States I513
44 Gittens, Margaret E.  1869Iowa, United States I11058
45 Gittens, Rachel  1862Iowa, United States I11048
46 Gittens, Richard   I509
47 Gittens, Robert   I508
48 Gittens, Roy  Abt 1891Iowa, United States I3422
49 Gittens, Ruby N.   I1846
50 Gitting, Henry  1878Iowa, United States I4804

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gittins, Anna May  20 Aug 1947Iowa, United States I817
2 Lamborn, Hannah Lucille  Mar 2003Iowa, United States I848
3 Lamborn, Perry Edmund  Apr 1938Iowa, United States I843

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Coleman, Orpha Malinda  Abt 1874Iowa, United States I1408
2 Gittens, Earl Gifford  Abt 1896Iowa, United States I1414
3 Gittins, Bert S.  Abt 1906Iowa, United States I801
4 Gittins, Kenneth Marion  Abt 1912Iowa, United States I1412
5 Gittins, Lance E.  Abt 1903Iowa, United States I1409
6 Gittins, Lawrence O.  Abt 1908Iowa, United States I1411
7 Gittins, Leroy D.  Abt 1924Iowa, United States I4283
8 Gittins, Ruby Gaynell  Abt 1894Iowa, United States I1413
9 Gittins, Thomas  Abt 1877Iowa, United States I804
10 Gittins, Dr. Thomas Roy  Cal 1892Iowa, United States I1654
11 Gittins, Thomas William Sr.  Abt 1908Iowa, United States I806
12 Johnson, Eva L.  Cal 1898Iowa, United States I1662


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Gittins, Grover C.  Abt 1910Iowa, United States I1687


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Gittins, Dr. Thomas Roy  1917Iowa, United States I1654

Soc Sec Num

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Soc Sec Num    Person ID 
1 Getting, Alice  Iowa, United States I3133
2 Getting, Alvin  Iowa, United States I3131
3 Getting, Anna  Iowa, United States I3210
4 Getting, Bradley J  Iowa, United States I3173
5 Getting, Charlotte S  Iowa, United States I3222
6 Getting, Clara  Iowa, United States I3199
7 Getting, Clarence  Iowa, United States I3204
8 Getting, Clarence A  Iowa, United States I3216
9 Getting, D M  Iowa, United States I3215
10 Getting, Dena  Iowa, United States I3211
11 Getting, Donald W  Iowa, United States I3181
12 Getting, Dorothy H  Iowa, United States I3170
13 Getting, Edna  Iowa, United States I3166
14 Getting, Emma  Iowa, United States I3168
15 Getting, Floyd  Iowa, United States I3190
16 Getting, Fred  Iowa, United States I3205
17 Getting, Fred  Iowa, United States I3162
18 Getting, Fred  Iowa, United States I3150
19 Getting, George  Iowa, United States I3177
20 Getting, George  Iowa, United States I3130
21 Getting, Glenn  Iowa, United States I3151
22 Getting, Harvey G  Iowa, United States I3180
23 Getting, Helen  Iowa, United States I3176
24 Getting, Helen A  Iowa, United States I3142
25 Getting, James R  Iowa, United States I3144
26 Getting, Jeanette P  Iowa, United States I3136
27 Getting, Jimmie L  Iowa, United States I3184
28 Getting, John  Iowa, United States I3153
29 Getting, John  Iowa, United States I3146
30 Getting, John G  Iowa, United States I3217
31 Getting, John R  Iowa, United States I3189
32 Getting, Kathryn M  Iowa, United States I3188
33 Getting, Lamka M  Iowa, United States I3182
34 Getting, Leo  Iowa, United States I3213
35 Getting, Leroy  Iowa, United States I3126
36 Getting, Leslie  Iowa, United States I3159
37 Getting, Lewis  Iowa, United States I3140
38 Getting, Lloyd W  Iowa, United States I3219
39 Getting, Margaret  Iowa, United States I3129
40 Getting, Margret I  Iowa, United States I3212
41 Getting, Mary E  Iowa, United States I3147
42 Getting, Mattie  Iowa, United States I3157
43 Getting, Milda M  Iowa, United States I3183
44 Getting, Minnie  Iowa, United States I3207
45 Getting, Nora  Iowa, United States I3198
46 Getting, Orie C  Iowa, United States I3200
47 Getting, Paul L  Iowa, United States I3155
48 Getting, Robert L  Iowa, United States I3195
49 Getting, Rosie  Iowa, United States I3169
50 Getting, Sarah  Iowa, United States I3187

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