Louisiana, United States


Tree: Not linked to Gittens Surname

Latitude: 31.5419997222222, Longitude: -92.6080016666667

Tree: Gittens Clusters

Latitude: 31.5419997222222, Longitude: -92.6080016666667


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Louise  Abt 1880Louisiana, United States I3481
2 Gathings, Charles  1867Louisiana, United States I4346
3 Gathings, Henry  1868Louisiana, United States I4347
4 Gathings, James  1870Louisiana, United States I4348
5 Gathings, Mary A  Cal 1859Louisiana, United States I6207
6 Getting, Charles  1848Louisiana, United States I4782
7 Getting, Dora  1872Louisiana, United States I4784
8 Getting, Emma  1874Louisiana, United States I4785
9 Getting, Matilda  1878Louisiana, United States I4787
10 Getting, Sophia  1852Louisiana, United States I4783
11 Getting, William  1876Louisiana, United States I4786
12 Githeny, Sam  1856Louisiana, United States I3812
13 Githus, Dan  1832Louisiana, United States I3757
14 Gittens, Carrie Widowed  Abt 1891Louisiana, United States I503
15 Gittens, Charity  Abt 1891Louisiana, United States I516
16 Gittens, George Arnold  16 Jan 1909Louisiana, United States I517
17 Gittens, John  Abt 1860Louisiana, United States I3457
18 Gitton, Mary  Cal 1818-1819Louisiana, United States I2087
19 McGathen, Mary  1869Louisiana, United States I3679
20 McGathen, Teresa  1871Louisiana, United States I3756

Soc Sec Num

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Soc Sec Num    Person ID 
1 Gething, Olga M  Louisiana, United States I3297
2 Gething, Peter  Louisiana, United States I3273
3 Gittings, Dorothy L  Louisiana, United States I2662
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