Ohio, United States


Tree: Gittens Clusters

Latitude: 40.4155197222222, Longitude: -82.7093427777778

Tree: Not linked to Gittens Surname

Latitude: 40.4155197222222, Longitude: -82.7093427777778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sarah  Cal 1811Ohio, United States I971
2 Gathen, Clara E.  1873Ohio, United States I3577
3 Gathen, Frances O.  1872Ohio, United States I3576
4 Gathen, Lizebeth  1824Ohio, United States I3805
5 Gathen, Manley  1849Ohio, United States I3573
6 Gathen, Rachel A.  1852Ohio, United States I3575
7 Gathen, Winfield M.  1875Ohio, United States I3578
8 Gathin, Edward H.  Cal 1833Ohio, United States I5924
9 Gathin, Mary  1848Ohio, United States I3650
10 Gathing, Hannah  1832Ohio, United States I6676
11 Gathing, Mary  1836Ohio, United States I6677
12 Gathins, Maggie  1877Ohio, United States I3605
13 Gathins, May  1874Ohio, United States I3604
14 Gatting, Lena  1858Ohio, United States I4253
15 Geathing, Eliza M.  1870Ohio, United States I4265
16 Geathing, William  1855Ohio, United States I4267
17 Geathing, William D.  1854Ohio, United States I4262
18 Geathing, Wiola E.  1863Ohio, United States I4264
19 Geething, Ellen S  1846Ohio, United States I6632
20 Geething, Emery  1854Ohio, United States I4009
21 Geething, Harriet  1841Ohio, United States I6630
22 Geething, Jacob  1846Ohio, United States I4013
23 Geething, Jacob H  1844Ohio, United States I6631
24 Geething, John  1848Ohio, United States I6633
25 Geething, John  1852Ohio, United States I4008
26 Geething, Margaret  1838Ohio, United States I6628
27 Geething, Mary E  1840Ohio, United States I6629
28 Geething, Sabilla  1856Ohio, United States I4010
29 Geiting, Elizzabeth  1856Ohio, United States I4259
30 Geiting, Jacob  1857Ohio, United States I4255
31 Geiting, Jennie  1859Ohio, United States I4256
32 Gethen, Charles  Cal 1853Ohio, United States I5927
33 Gethen, Emma  Cal 1856Ohio, United States I5928
34 Gethen, Isaac  1867Ohio, United States I3448
35 Gethens, Franklin  1834Ohio, United States I6521
36 Gethens, George  1827Ohio, United States I6524
37 Gethens, James  1832Ohio, United States I6520
38 Gethens, Rebecca  1826Ohio, United States I6523
39 Gething, George E  Cal 1852Ohio, United States I6036
40 Gething, Harriet  Cal 1842Ohio, United States I6033
41 Gething, Jacob H  Cal 1844Ohio, United States I6034
42 Gething, John  Cal 1849Ohio, United States I6035
43 Gething, John  Cal 1850Ohio, United States I6029
44 Gething, Mary E  Cal 1848Ohio, United States I6030
45 Gething, Sabilla A  Cal 1855Ohio, United States I6037
46 Gethins, Joseph  1847Ohio, United States I3790
47 Getings, Lucinda  1825Ohio, United States I4246
48 Getting, Adam  Cal 1824Ohio, United States I5298
49 Getting, Anna J.  1857Ohio, United States I4544
50 Getting, Barbara  1842Ohio, United States I6392

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Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Elkins, Lillian  Abt 1882Ohio, United States I3425
2 Elkins, Lillian  Abt 1883Ohio, United States I3425
3 Gittens, Edna E.  Abt 1897Ohio, United States I525
4 Gittens, Sidney Rogers Sr.  Abt 1886Ohio, United States I4042
5 Gittens, Sidney Rogers Sr.  15 Feb 1886Ohio, United States I4042
6 Gittins, William  Apr 1862Ohio, United States I960
7 Longe, Luella  Abt 1867Ohio, United States I6234


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Meddings, Vera M  Ohio, United States I971

Soc Sec Num

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Soc Sec Num    Person ID 
1 Gething, Ada  Ohio, United States I3313
2 Gething, Alice  Ohio, United States I3301
3 Gething, Ann E  Ohio, United States I3283
4 Gething, Arthur  Ohio, United States I3323
5 Gething, Arthur J  Ohio, United States I3266
6 Gething, Carrie C  Ohio, United States I3235
7 Gething, Dorothy H  Ohio, United States I3228
8 Gething, Edgar M  Ohio, United States I3305
9 Gething, Elda  Ohio, United States I3276
10 Gething, Evan  Ohio, United States I3255
11 Gething, Frank  Ohio, United States I3300
12 Gething, Fred  Ohio, United States I3308
13 Gething, Frederick  Ohio, United States I3315
14 Gething, Frederick J  Ohio, United States I3270
15 Gething, Fredrick H  Ohio, United States I3249
16 Gething, Jay M  Ohio, United States I3310
17 Gething, Kathryn  Ohio, United States I3318
18 Gething, Marjorie A  Ohio, United States I3322
19 Gething, Mayme  Ohio, United States I3295
20 Gething, Morlene A  Ohio, United States I3241
21 Gething, Paul  Ohio, United States I3298
22 Gething, Phillip E  Ohio, United States I3250
23 Gething, Ralph  Ohio, United States I3277
24 Gething, Randall J  Ohio, United States I3243
25 Gething, Robert  Ohio, United States I3311
26 Gething, Robert L  Ohio, United States I3234
27 Gething, Ruth L  Ohio, United States I3242
28 Gething, Shirley M  Ohio, United States I3309
29 Gething, Verna M  Ohio, United States I3320
30 Gething, William  Ohio, United States I3284
31 Gething, William  Ohio, United States I3263
32 Gething, William J  Ohio, United States I3288
33 Gethings, Elizabeth  Ohio, United States I3327
34 Getting, Clarence  Ohio, United States I3167
35 Gittings, Apryl  Ohio, United States I2811
36 Gittings, Barbara O  Ohio, United States I2751
37 Gittings, Bertha  Ohio, United States I2711
38 Gittings, Jessie M  Ohio, United States I3067
39 Gittings, Katherine J  Ohio, United States I2748
40 Gittings, Margaret  Ohio, United States I2660
41 Gittings, Marilyn L  Ohio, United States I3122
42 Gittings, Roland L  Ohio, United States I2770
43 Gittins, Betty  Ohio, United States I2426
44 Gittins, Homer  Ohio, United States I2415
45 Gittins, Josephine  Ohio, United States I2563
46 Gittins, Maude C  Ohio, United States I2536
47 Gittins, Robert  Ohio, United States I2334
48 Gittins, William  Ohio, United States I2547


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Getting / Getting  Est 1844Ohio, United States F1297
2 Gettings / Gettings  Est 1841Ohio, United States F1235
3 Gitting / Gitting  Est 1854Ohio, United States F1039
4 Gotten / Gotten  Est 1848Ohio, United States F1163
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