Pennsylvania, United States


Tree: Gittens Clusters

Latitude: 40.8966903333333, Longitude: -77.8388898333333

Tree: Not linked to Gittens Surname

Latitude: 40.8966903333333, Longitude: -77.8388898333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna  1914Pennsylvania, United States I3436
2 Anna G.  Abt 1889Pennsylvania, United States I1913
3 Della  Abt 1904Pennsylvania, United States I3437
4 Grace  Abt 1921Pennsylvania, United States I3439
5 Margarit  Abt 1852Pennsylvania, United States I3444
6 Mary E.  Cal 1925Pennsylvania, United States I1148
7 Not Known  Pennsylvania, United States I11201
8 Sarah  Cal 1817Pennsylvania, United States I1053
9 Boyer, Kate  Jun 1858Pennsylvania, United States I3471
10 Brechemin, Dorothy F.  Est 1910Pennsylvania, United States I6336
11 Brechemin, Louis L.  Est 1887Pennsylvania, United States I6327
12 Carroll, Ethel May  1 May 1894Pennsylvania, United States I1624
13 Carroll, George J.  Abt 1877Pennsylvania, United States I1623
14 Carroll, George Oburn  14 May 1903Pennsylvania, United States I1626
15 Carroll, Hazel Oneta  22 Apr 1896Pennsylvania, United States I1625
16 Davis, Mary Ann  26 Apr 1893Pennsylvania, United States I1614
17 Davis, Philip Thomas  1 Nov 1898Pennsylvania, United States I1617
18 Davis, Sarah Jane  12 Sep 1894Pennsylvania, United States I1615
19 Deitrick, Anna  Abt 1880Pennsylvania, United States I11237
20 Deitrick, Jess W.  Abt 1880Pennsylvania, United States I11239
21 Drew, Louis Lyn Jr.  Aug 1890Pennsylvania, United States I6322
22 Drew, Miriam F.  Est 1889Pennsylvania, United States I6325
23 Drew, Nellie  Apr 1888Pennsylvania, United States I6318
24 Drew, William F.  Apr 1888Pennsylvania, United States I6320
25 Ford, Florence E.  Abt 1896Pennsylvania, United States I1274
26 Gaittins, William J.  1861Pennsylvania, United States I4382
27 Gateens, William  1861Pennsylvania, United States I1303
28 Gathen, Henry Mc  Cal 1820Pennsylvania, United States I6002
29 Gathen, John  1835Pennsylvania, United States I3828
30 Gathene, Louisa  Cal 1838Pennsylvania, United States I5949
31 Gathin, Ann  1849Pennsylvania, United States I6770
32 Gathin, James  1845Pennsylvania, United States I6769
33 Gathin, Mary J.  1844Pennsylvania, United States I6768
34 Gattineau, Louis  1858Pennsylvania, United States I4737
35 Gattins, Joseph N.  1863Pennsylvania, United States I4394
36 Geatens, Andrew  Cal 1858Pennsylvania, United States I5289
37 Geatens, Elizabeth  Cal 1854Pennsylvania, United States I5287
38 Geatens, Joseph  Cal 1852Pennsylvania, United States I5286
39 Geatens, Margaret  Cal 1856Pennsylvania, United States I5288
40 Geatens, Thomas  Cal 1850Pennsylvania, United States I5285
41 Geathing, Hester  1826Pennsylvania, United States I4261
42 Geatons, Annie  1879Pennsylvania, United States I4266
43 Geatons, Elizabeth  1865Pennsylvania, United States I4192
44 Geatons, Ellen  1877Pennsylvania, United States I4254
45 Geatons, James  1871Pennsylvania, United States I4228
46 Geatons, John  1875Pennsylvania, United States I4242
47 Geatons, Mary  1868Pennsylvania, United States I4217
48 Geatons, Mary Agnes  1845Pennsylvania, United States I4181
49 Geatons, Rosanna  1867Pennsylvania, United States I4205
50 Geething, Barbary  1816Pennsylvania, United States I6627

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gittins, Stanley  24 Dec 2002Pennsylvania, United States I1349
2 Merryshow, Doctor Basil Albert  15 Mar 2011Pennsylvania, United States I1485

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Boyer, Kate  Abt 1862Pennsylvania, United States I3471
2 Burghard, Frances Florida  Abt 1860Pennsylvania, United States I548
3 Elkins, Lillian  Abt 1873Pennsylvania, United States I3425
4 Elkins, Lillian  1882Pennsylvania, United States I3425
5 Gittens, Adam  Abt 1836Pennsylvania, United States I1602
6 Gittens, Adam  Jun 1872Pennsylvania, United States I1607
7 Gittens, Alexander Luden  Abt 1916Pennsylvania, United States I3836
8 Gittens, Bessie  1898Pennsylvania, United States I489
9 Gittens, David Henry  Abt 1922Pennsylvania, United States I11186
10 Gittens, Edmund Joseph  31 Mar 1873Pennsylvania, United States I488
11 Gittens, Edmund Joseph  Abt 1878Pennsylvania, United States I488
12 Gittens, Elizabeth  Abt 1909Pennsylvania, United States I1597
13 Gittens, James M.  26 Dec 1891Pennsylvania, United States I4011
14 Gittens, Louisa  Cal 1867-1868Pennsylvania, United States I10990
15 Gittens, Mary  Cal 1834-1835Pennsylvania, United States I9493
16 Gittens, Mary  Abt 1857Pennsylvania, United States I9493
17 Gittens, Morgan W.  Abt 1898Pennsylvania, United States I6004
18 Gittens, Philip Thomas  1876Pennsylvania, United States I6567
19 Gittens, Robert Dixon  Abt 1886Pennsylvania, United States I1292
20 Gittens, Susan  1877Pennsylvania, United States I6623
21 Gittins, Benjamin  Aug 1886Pennsylvania, United States I11210
22 Gittins, Benjamin  1887Pennsylvania, United States I11210
23 Gittins, Charles E.  Abt 1906Pennsylvania, United States I3427
24 Gittins, James Albert  Abt 1918Pennsylvania, United States I3434
25 Gittins, Malcolm Elkins  Abt 1908Pennsylvania, United States I3428
26 Johns, Elizabeth  Abt 1888Pennsylvania, United States I1293
27 Lauffer, Mary Widowed  1836Pennsylvania, United States I351
28 Millburn, Elizabeth  Pennsylvania, United States I1296


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Gittens, Thomas  1870Pennsylvania, United States I3443
2 Gittins, Daniel  1870Pennsylvania, United States I3451
3 Gittins, Edward  1870Pennsylvania, United States I9864
4 Gittins, Elizabeth  1870Pennsylvania, United States I3450
5 Gittins, Mary  1870Pennsylvania, United States I3449
6 Gittins, Mary  1870Pennsylvania, United States I3452
7 Gittins, Richard  1870Pennsylvania, United States I9872
8 Gittins, Thomas  1870Pennsylvania, United States I3448
9 Gittins, Watkins  1870Pennsylvania, United States I3445


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Gittens, James M.  1917Pennsylvania, United States I4011
2 Gittens, Morgan W.  1942Pennsylvania, United States I6004
3 Gittens, Philip Thomas  12 Sep 1918Pennsylvania, United States I6567


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Gittens, Victor Stanley Sr.  1941Pennsylvania, United States I11211


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Gittins, Thomas  1870Pennsylvania, United States I3448

Soc Sec Num

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Soc Sec Num    Person ID 
1 Gething, Adam C  Pennsylvania, United States I3260
2 Gething, Arthur  Pennsylvania, United States I3317
3 Gething, Bette R  Pennsylvania, United States I3224
4 Gething, Catherine  Pennsylvania, United States I3307
5 Gething, Clyde  Pennsylvania, United States I3261
6 Gething, Edward  Pennsylvania, United States I3251
7 Gething, Edward  Pennsylvania, United States I3279
8 Gething, Edward  Pennsylvania, United States I3281
9 Gething, Edward W  Pennsylvania, United States I3240
10 Gething, Eli  Pennsylvania, United States I3258
11 Gething, Elizabeth  Pennsylvania, United States I3229
12 Gething, George  Pennsylvania, United States I3257
13 Gething, Harold  Pennsylvania, United States I3280
14 Gething, Helen  Pennsylvania, United States I3267
15 Gething, Helen  Pennsylvania, United States I3299
16 Gething, Howard W  Pennsylvania, United States I3268
17 Gething, James F  Pennsylvania, United States I3238
18 Gething, Janice M  Pennsylvania, United States I3274
19 Gething, Jesse  Pennsylvania, United States I3245
20 Gething, John  Pennsylvania, United States I3231
21 Gething, Lyda  Pennsylvania, United States I3275
22 Gething, Marjorie  Pennsylvania, United States I3282
23 Gething, Mary  Pennsylvania, United States I3269
24 Gething, Phyllis  Pennsylvania, United States I3296
25 Gething, Raymond C  Pennsylvania, United States I3223
26 Gething, Rose  Pennsylvania, United States I3230
27 Gething, Walter  Pennsylvania, United States I3316
28 Gething, William  Pennsylvania, United States I3271
29 Gething, William  Pennsylvania, United States I3302
30 Getting, Jan  Pennsylvania, United States I3128
31 Getting, Milan P  Pennsylvania, United States I3214
32 Getting, Norma  Pennsylvania, United States I3174
33 Gittens, Alexander Luden  Pennsylvania, United States I3836
34 Gittens, Allen  Pennsylvania, United States I11193
35 Gittens, Anna  Pennsylvania, United States I3803
36 Gittens, Arthur  Pennsylvania, United States I4008
37 Gittens, Charlotte  Pennsylvania, United States I4237
38 Gittens, D  Pennsylvania, United States I3778
39 Gittens, David Henry  Pennsylvania, United States I11186
40 Gittens, Dorothy  Pennsylvania, United States I4049
41 Gittens, Douglas  Pennsylvania, United States I3757
42 Gittens, Edward  Pennsylvania, United States I11184
43 Gittens, Edward  Pennsylvania, United States I4119
44 Gittens, Edward R  Pennsylvania, United States I4019
45 Gittens, Elizabeth G  Pennsylvania, United States I3970
46 Gittens, Elizabeth M  Pennsylvania, United States I4120
47 Gittens, Gladys  Pennsylvania, United States I3925
48 Gittens, Gwendolyn  Pennsylvania, United States I4157
49 Gittens, Helen R  Pennsylvania, United States I3773
50 Gittens, James  Pennsylvania, United States I4010

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carroll / Gittens  28 Sep 1893Pennsylvania, United States F544
2 Davis / Gittens  19 Nov 1892Pennsylvania, United States F542
3 Gethens / Gethens  Est 1848Pennsylvania, United States F1147
4 Getting / Getting  Est 1844Pennsylvania, United States F1111
5 Getting / Getting  Est 1849Pennsylvania, United States F1107
6 Geyton / Geyton  Est 1845Pennsylvania, United States F1255
7 Gitting / Gitting  Est 1835Pennsylvania, United States F1118
8 Gittings / Gittings  Est 1831Pennsylvania, United States F1238
9 Gittings / Gittings  Est 1852Pennsylvania, United States F1117
10 Gotton / Gotton  Est 1848Pennsylvania, United States F1181
11 Greiger / Gittens  7 Sep 1889Pennsylvania, United States F543
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