Tennessee, United States


Tree: Gittens Clusters

Latitude: 35.8429794444444, Longitude: -86.3433686111111

Tree: Not linked to Gittens Surname

Latitude: 35.8429794444444, Longitude: -86.3433686111111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gathen, James B.  1869Tennessee, United States I3658
2 Gathen, Opher  1867Tennessee, United States I3656
3 Gathen, Sarey  1862Tennessee, United States I3655
4 Gathin, Nicy  1861Tennessee, United States I3483
5 Gathing, Amanda  1829Tennessee, United States I6305
6 Gathing, Arabella  Cal 1844Tennessee, United States I6158
7 Gathing, Burnl F.  1838Tennessee, United States I6308
8 Gathing, Caroline  1839Tennessee, United States I6245
9 Gathing, Caroline  Cal 1839Tennessee, United States I1075
10 Gathing, Charles  1837Tennessee, United States I6244
11 Gathing, Charles  Cal 1837Tennessee, United States I1074
12 Gathing, Daniel  Cal 1850Tennessee, United States I6162
13 Gathing, Eliza  Cal 1846Tennessee, United States I6159
14 Gathing, Frances  1836Tennessee, United States I6307
15 Gathing, H. M.  1848Tennessee, United States I4365
16 Gathing, Henry  Cal 1849Tennessee, United States I6161
17 Gathing, Jas  Cal 1848Tennessee, United States I6160
18 Gathing, Joseph  1830Tennessee, United States I6302
19 Gathing, Marion  1846Tennessee, United States I6246
20 Gathing, Marion  Cal 1846Tennessee, United States I1076
21 Gathing, Mary A.  1831Tennessee, United States I6241
22 Gathing, Mary A.  Cal 1831Tennessee, United States I1071
23 Gathing, Melton  1835Tennessee, United States I6306
24 Gathing, Mira  1828Tennessee, United States I6304
25 Gathing, Paralee  1840Tennessee, United States I6309
26 Gathing, Penelope  1835Tennessee, United States I6243
27 Gathing, Penelope  Cal 1835Tennessee, United States I1073
28 Gathing, Penina E.  1833Tennessee, United States I6242
29 Gathing, Penina E.  Cal 1833Tennessee, United States I1072
30 Gathings, C A  Cal 1856Tennessee, United States I6103
31 Gathings, C W  Cal 1825Tennessee, United States I6201
32 Gathings, G W  Cal 1860Tennessee, United States I6105
33 Gathings, J J  Cal 1830Tennessee, United States I6101
34 Gathings, J W  Cal 1857Tennessee, United States I6104
35 Gathings, Laura  1847Tennessee, United States I4350
36 Gathings, M M  Cal 1837Tennessee, United States I6102
37 Gathings, Mary  1830Tennessee, United States I4342
38 Gathings, Mary A  Cal 1828Tennessee, United States I6202
39 Gatting, Eliza J.  1839Tennessee, United States I4397
40 Gatting, Lewis  1835Tennessee, United States I4396
41 Gatting, Starling  Cal 1834Tennessee, United States I6097
42 Gething, Amanda C.  1878Tennessee, United States I4283
43 Gething, Deora  1880Tennessee, United States I4284
44 Gething, Elmira D.  1824Tennessee, United States I4285
45 Gething, Fannie E.M.  1834Tennessee, United States I4286
46 Gething, Frances I.  1851Tennessee, United States I4279
47 Gething, George W.  1873Tennessee, United States I4280
48 Gething, Milton C.  1832Tennessee, United States I4277
49 Gething, Roeina  1876Tennessee, United States I4282
50 Getings, Georg  Cal 1855Tennessee, United States I6112

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hosch, Charles   I381


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gathings / Gathings  Est 1855Tennessee, United States F1167
2 Getings / Getings  Est 1846Tennessee, United States F1168
3 Giteons / Giteons  Est 1848Tennessee, United States F1137
4 Gittings / Gittings  Est 1838Tennessee, United States F1237
5 Gittings / Gittings  esy 1847Tennessee, United States F1301
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