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    Text Orderson Family Records

    The earliest mention of the Orderson family in Barbados is to be found in the Census records for the year 1715. John Orderson, age 23 and Ann (presumably his wife) aged 22, are entered as living in the Parish of St. George. The next record in point of time is the will of the same John Orderson, which was proved in 1741. The will discloses that Orderson has some right or interest in Cape Fear in North Carolina, which suggests that he may at some time have been a resident in that country.

    Facts relating to the family taken from the public records and various printed sources have been complied in the following narrative.
    John Orderson born c. 1692; md. Ann...
    (1). John
    (2) Ann
    (3) Elizabeth, md (before 1740) Randal Clement of St. Joseph and had issue -- (1) Randal, (2) Henry, (3) Irenaeus, (4) Mary, (5) Susanna, (6) Elizabeth, who (with the exception of Randal) are named in the Will dated 30 Aug., 1784 of their father Randal Clement. Randal the son, predeceased his father, and died in Saint Michael in February or March 1765, leaving a widow, Mary and two infant daughters, Elizabeth Ann and Mary. His Will, dated 12 Feb 1765, discloses that he was a stationer and bookbinder and that he bequeathed his "statutory ware, books, and accompting house furniture" to his brother. Irenaeus, and his Uncle, John Oderson, equally. To Mr. Joseph Manning of St. Michael, Cordwainer, he gave "so much of the leather, I shall have by me at my decease as he shall make choice of to the value of 4 pounds currency". He appointed his brother Irenaeus and John Orderson as executers, and the witness to his Will were William Walker, William Brown and George Esmand, the last named being the witness proving the execution of the will on 27 March 1765. 
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