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    e-mail feb 17/09
    Dear Barri, Some time ago we exchanged e-mails and you kindly telephoned me and we had a lengthy conversation about the Foster/Gittens families. Since them I have done a huge amount of research and have had many exciting finds. One such find was being introduced, via e-mail to Florence Edith Wyndham Gittens, who lives in Barbados. Florence provided me with a family tree that went back to her Grandfather Fenwick Wyndham Gittens (1860-1945) who according to family lore was born on St. Kitts, which if you are unfamiliar, is an island in the Caribbean, not too far from Barbados. Her family tree also indicated that Fenwick was the son of William Nathaniel Gittens(1821 - ) and Ann Chritain Field (1829- ). Both William and Ann were born and married in Barbados but after their marriage there are no children of them on record in Barbados. Unfortnuately I can not find any evidence of a connection between Fenwick and Willian Nathaniel Gittens and his wife Ann. Nor can I find any evidence of birth or baptismal information for Fenwick in Barbados. I was wondering if you might have come across Fenwick in your research. Thanks for your help.

    Regards Cliff G --

    Hello Cliff, I'm sorry for the delay in replying, but have only now had a chance to check my extracts. I don't know a lot about the Gittens' side, but yes, I have come across the marriage of Fenwick Wyndham GITTENS (age 23 Yrs.) to Florence Elizabeth MANN on 14 Dec 1880 at St. Michael's Cathedral, Bridgetown. He was an Accountant and his father is shown as William Nathaniel GITTENS, a planter. In that same year on 3rd June, Fenwick's brother Evelyn Towner GITTENS married Mary Ella ROETT. Evelyn's occupation was a Merchant's Clerk. He was age 24 Yrs. and father also shown as William Nathaniel GITTENS, planter. Unfortunately, the marriage records do not show where they were born, but at least from the ages given, you can work out an approximate birth year. I do believe the Wyndham name is associated with St. Kitts. I have done a bit of research there, but not as early as the 1850's...the time frame when William Nathaniel's children would have been born. About that same time there was a yellow fever epidemic in Barbados. People were dropping like flies. Perhaps William and his wife were already out of the island and decided to stay put, until it was safe to return to B'dos. If Florence thinks that Fenwick was born in St. Kitts, it could well be so, which would explain why they're no baptism records for William and Ann's children in Barbados. There may be filmed records (1850's) available for research for St. Kitts. Do you know how to go about this? How did your trip to Barbados go? Hope the above will be of a little help.
    Kind regards, Barrie. 
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