Henry Selman Leach (1891-1975)

Henry Selman Leach Part II

Part II Covering the years 1931 – 1975


Part I of Harry’s life sketch ended in about 1930 just following his separation from his first wife Molly Dowler and after the birth of their daughter Barbara.

When Harry’s marriage ended in the late 1920’s he was living in Montreal.  Sometime after this Harry entered into a relationship with Agnes Mary Connor.  We don’t know very much about Agnes, except she was born in Glasgow, Scotland on October 22, 1903.

Harry and Agnes had a daughter, Patrica Mary Conner  who was born in Toronto in 1936.  In 1940 Harry and Agnes married in Toronto, he was 49 at the time and she was  36.

Harry and his family then moved to Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario.  Two children followed, Margaret Ann Leach was born 1941 and John Andrew Connor Leach (Jack) was born 1944.

Harry’s son “Jack” recalls the following about his father.

“My Dad took a job as a bookkeeper with The Canadian Army Ordinance in Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario.  He & his new family settled in this beautiful town shortly thereafter.  My sister Marg was born in 1941 and me in 1944.

Dad later took a position as the head bookkeeper at the famous Shepherd Boats factory. He was well thought of by the workers; he gave them great advice on money matters. He set up & managed their book for many years until Old Shep (as he was known) passed away. The firm was sold & they brought in their own people.

He then went to work for Canadian Canners in town. They are now known as Del Monte Foods. He set up there accounting system & managed the office until his retirement. He also prepared Income Tax forms for many small business  in Town. He never made an error. He was well respected in the community.

My Dad smoked a pipe; Picobac was his choice of tobacco. He walked tall & erect ( he never forgot his army training). He was an avid gardener he worked his garden all by hand; he was meticulous and had tons of patience. He never held a drivers license or owned a car. He subscribed to the Cricketer magazine and he was an avid Toronto Maple Leafs fan. He would sit in front of the TV on Saturday night, with his pen and paper and record all the stats for each game. His printing and handwriting was perfect. He recorded all his notes etc. by hand. He tuned into the BBC news from London at noon every day.

He was an avid church goer. We attended St. Marks Anglican Church every Sunday. He was a strong conservative and we would have many interesting conversations over supper. His strongest qualities were his great sense of humour and his honesty. He spoke his mind on many occasions. These 3 qualities I have tried to live up to. I am still telling the jokes he told when I was a kid.

He was a very proud man until the day he died. His last wish was to see his grandson Larry, who he adored. He died knowing that the Leach name would be carried on. He was so proud of me when Larry was born. Now we have Rory [Larry’s son] : Dad would have been be so happy.”


Harry died on May 4, 1975 and is buried in the Niagara Lake Shore Cemetery.  He was 84 when he died.








Harry’s wife agnes died a few years later, on 13 December 1983 in Parry Sound Ontario, she was 80.   Agnes is also buried in the Niagara Lake Shore Cemetery.

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