Is Rosie Drew the Sister of Gertrude O’Riordan?

This post will be of interest to Foster Family members.

Rosie Drew, nee O’Reardon, died 14 Mar 1908 in Philadelphia. What’s really fascinating are the details included in her death record. It states she was born 14 Mar 1862, in the West Indies, and that her parents were Michael O’Reardon, born in Ireland and Mary Ann Fox, born in England.

The exciting part is that my G-G-Grandparents were also named Michael O’Riordan (spelling differs), born in Ireland and Mary Anna Fox, born in Barbados. They were married 4 Nov 1858 in St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Barbados which is shortly before Rosie’s birth date.

The death record is convincing evidence that she may be the child of my G-G-Grandparents. The other known children of Michael O’Riordan and Mary Ann Fox are:

  • Kathleen O’Riordan, born circa 1865, never married and lived with the family of her sister, Gertrude and Gertrude’s husband Samuel “Clement” Foster.
  • Jerry O’Riordan, born circa 1865 and immigrated to the USA at an early age.
  • Gertrude O’Riordan born 16 Sep 1866, Barbados married Samuel Clement Foster in 1884, had 4 children who survived into adulthood and died 25 Mar 1934 in Barbados. (My G-Grandparents)
  • Son O’Riordan, Born Circa 1865. He was noted in family lore but his name was not known.
  • And maybe Rosie

We don’t know very much about Rosie. Her early life is shrouded in mystery in that family lore makes no mention of her, either by name or other reference. Likely she was baptised in St. Patrick’s Roman Church in Barbados (pictured above) further research at the church is required.

Records indicate that she immigrated to the USA in 1883, at age 21 and was married two years later to Louis Lyman Drew in Philadelphia. The couple subsequently had 4 children:

  • Nellie Drew, born Apr 1888 in Philadelphia
  • William F. Drew, born Apr 1888 in Philadelphia
  • Miriam F. Drew, born about 1889 in Philadelphia
  • Louis L. Drew, born Aug 1890 in Philadelphia

After Rosie’s death in 1908 her husband remain living in Philadelphia until sometime after the 1920 census where he appears living with his married daughter Miriam and her family. He does not appear in the 1930 census and the assumption is that he died before 1930. A family tree on states he died in Barbados. His death is another piece of evidence that connects Rosie to Barbados.

If anyone should have any knowledge about Rosie please add a comment.

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